Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Please review and gain insight on our company by reading the FAQs below.

Q: Where is your shop?

A: Miami String is operating in the South Florida area as an “on-demand” music services company.

We have a BY APPOINTMENT ONLY showroom available for same-day appointments or special requests.

By this, we mean we travel to you! We do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront at this time. We urge you to call us so we can discuss your interest in setting up music lessons, instrument purchases, repairs, rentals, and other questions. If you are within our travel area, we are happy to schedule an appointment to come to your home. If you are outside of our travel area, please call us anyway!

Q: What kind of instruments do you sell?

A: We specialize in stringed, wood instruments, i.e. violin, viola, cello, and bass. We also have a large selection of vintage electric and acoustic guitars and basses, as well as other instruments outside of the string family. We recommend calling us directly since our inventory is constantly changing! If the instrument is not in stock at the time of your call, we can work with other companies or wholesalers to try and find what you are looking for with a fast turnaround time.

Q: How long are music lessons?

A: We offer lessons at one-hour increments with the consideration that our instructor may arrive 30 minutes early or late due to traffic and travel delays (i.e. lesson is scheduled for 4:00 pm and may start as early as 3:30 or as late as 4:30). Please be sure to factor this in when planning for your lesson. For new clients, we always suggest starting with a one-hour lesson. This does not mean we are limited to only a one-hour time slot and the first lesson will usually be longer. In addition, we offer group lessons or back-to-back lessons among siblings. We are also available for extended-length lessons to help our student prepare and succeed at their upcoming performance or competition.

Q: I live outside of the service areas found on the Contact Us page, can I still have music lessons or receive instrument services from your company? 

A: Yes! We are happy to come to you even if you are located outside of our covered area. Depending on your location, we will calculate a travel fee for our time and mileage. This will be agreed upon and paid prior to confirming your in-home appointment or consultation. If you are interested in having recurring lessons, we will come up with a set travel fee that will be included in each lesson. This will be paid each time in addition to the standard lesson rate.

Q: Does your company have musical instruments or items that will not be used by professional musicians? For prop use? Can these be rented on a short-term basis?

A:  All of our instruments and equipment can be rented for short-term use. We do have select inventory available that should primarily be used for displays, movie sets, or prop use. These items are not professionally setup so the expectation is that the instruments may or may not be playable. Inquire for availability on specific items.

Q: I’m looking to buy or rent an instrument for myself or child. What type of instruments do you offer? 

A: Most of our orchestral instrument are fully-carved, spruce tops with ebony fingerboards and fittings. We have student models and professional models available within any budget.

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