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Miami String Haus

Founded in 2009 by double bassist Charles Winters, our violin luthier shop specializes in the sale, restoration, and rental of upright basses, cellos, violas, and violins. Our violin luthier shop specializes in professional violin setup and more. Violin luthiers are available by booking an appointment below.


Specializing in professional and student rentals, repairs, and the sale of all orchestra instruments, our Miami String Haus serves every part of the string community in South Florida. Our professional violin rentals are setup in-house with by our violin luthiers and fine-tuned to each musician's specific requests. The professional violin luthier is available during business hours and appointments are recommended.

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America's Southernmost Quality String Instrument Shop since 2009.Our Miami String Haus violin luthier shop setup is adjusted as the instrument acclimates to South Florida. We are the specialists in fine instrument setup according to our violin luthier standards. The Miami String Haus violin luthier setup is completed on most instruments in our showroom.

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If you’re visiting us expecting to rent or buy an instrument for a child, please be sure you book an appointment when you can bring your child into the shop. It is imperative that we see your child to ensure proper fit for their new instrument! If you plan to trade-in or upgrade your instrument, be sure to bring it in so we can do an assessment and make an offer!

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