Choosing the Case That’s Right for You

If your case has worn out or you are sizing up to a new instrument, you have probably noticed that there are hundreds of cases to choose from for your equipment. Cases range in price (greatly) and in material. Let’s dive into the aspects of several cases offered by Miami String Haus and their ideal owners.  


Cloth or Foam Cases

Here we have the old reliable. This case is made from Styrofoam and/or cloth (depending on instrument)and is best suited for the complete beginning student. A staple of every orchestra room known to man, this case will help protect beginner level instruments until it is time to upgrade.

Vector by Maple Leaf Strings

This PC plastic composed case comes in a variety of colors and features a music/ipad zippered pouch on the back. It features two bow-holders and housing for the shoulder rest inside the case (violin/viola). This case is best suited for intermediate level instruments and students. The violin and cello cases are contoured to the shape of the instrument and viola cases are available in an oblong shape.  This product is recommended for those wishing to protect a semi-professional grade instrument. 

La Defense BAM

The Bam case company is one of the leaders of the industry providing thousands of cases to happy musicians each year. This French based company has been in operation for more than 40 years and was born of a need for a light-weight and extremely durable case. This case is molded from ABS and PVC plastics and is offered in multiple colors and finishes. The suspended Ariex foam inserts are designed  to maximize protection against impact thus ensuring its well deserved place as one of the most protective cases on the market. This case can of course be used by anyone, however, its price point directs it toward professional use and the protection of fine violins. 


BAM La Defense
Photo Credit: BAM Cases

GEWA Luthier Air

Another gem in the world of instrument protection is the GEWA case company and their Luthier Air case. This line is offered exclusively by luthier shops like Miami String and cannot be purchased in many retail settings. Another industry giant, GEWA (pronounced geh-vah) is a German based company that has  been providing high quality cases to musicians since 1925. These cases are composed of a patented material called Thermoplast and are highly resistant to weather and breakages. While this company offers the most expensive professional grade equipment on the market, it lasts forever and protects your instrument against practically anything. 

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