A Guide to Buying a New String Instrument

Miami String’s Top 5 Tips

Things to consider when you are on the search for a new string instrument.

Tip #1

Plan your visit to a string shop. Be sure to make an appointment or call ahead. Before you go, consider instrument prices and the expectations of your new string instrument.

A quality string shop knows how to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. Since you are already taking this first step in researching your options online; it is probably a good indicator that you are serious about finding the very best place to buy your new instrument.

A good quality, fully-carved beginner or intermediate violin and viola will start at around $350. The next level of advanced student to university instruments will start at $1,500. Professional quality violins and violas begin at $2,500 and go up from there. Cellos and double basses have a different pricing scale which we will share some insight on in a future article.

Being a resource in the string instrument community is invaluable and we know that.

We are happy that you found our website and this page is a resource to you in finding your next string instrument. At Miami String, it is our passion to provide the best service to our clients and setting ourselves apart from other string shops you may encounter. Our selection of violin, viola, cello, and basses are carefully selected and the highest quality for the best price. We like to freshen up our inventory multiple times throughout the year and we beat all our competition in terms of pricing within the entire South Florida market.

Tip #2

If you are just starting your search, we suggest renting an instrument first and trying a few different options, especially if you are unsure about size. Rentals can be very affordable at our Miami String shop.

Initially, if purchasing a new instrument is out of your budget, renting an instrument might make more sense. At Miami String, we offer student rentals starting at $5 per week for violin and viola student models. Cello rentals start at $10 per week and double bass rentals start at $30 per week.

Be sure to call us to find out about special pricing offers available at various times throughout the year!

Tip #3

Find a string shop that knows how to properly size you for your new instrument. Playing on the wrong size instrument will make learning as a beginner extremely discouraging.

Above all, having the correct instrument size is very important. If you are purchasing for yourself as an adult beginner or professional, you may already know exactly what size you’re looking for. If not, we’re happy to help you and show you some options in various sizes! Visit our Miami String shop to try out our string instruments.

If your child is new to music you might prefer renting instead of buying. Chances are they will eventually grow into a full-size instrument and you’ll want to purchase that later on. Young beginners often start on what’s called a “fractional size” instrument. These include 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 size instruments (additional sizes available). Not sure what size you or your child needs? That’s quite okay! Our expert string luthiers will help you during your visit.

Miami String Luthier Dale Cockrum

Tip #4

If you want to play a string instrument, visit a store that specializes in string instruments. I think part of this goes without saying, but sometimes it needs to be said. Go to the right place first and save yourself a lot of time.

A string instrument shop will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to help you find a new string instrument. Try to avoid big retail music stores and giant music chains that “do it all” because we find that sometimes their associates may not be very knowledgeable. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time.

Tip #5

Purchase from a string shop that will continue to have your back. We offer a warranty and luthier shop that is qualified to help you maintain your instrument for the life of your instrument.

Many times when you purchase something of value, you receive a warranty with the product you’re purchasing and it’s usually worth having. In our case, a quality string shop like ours will offer a one-year care warranty to any string instrument sold in the shop. With rentals, we take care of our customers in the case that something maintenance-wise occurs. At Miami String, extended warranties and payment plans are also available.

Find a company that offers resources to you.

Before buying or renting a new instrument, be sure you research repair and maintenance options from shops in your area. Additionally, look into the shop you are considering ordering from. You may need them down the road to help with adjustments, repairs, or upgrades, so be sure they’re qualified! At Miami String, we have a full-service luthier shop ready to handle just about anything that comes our way! With that in mind, you’re going to get the best quality instrument and setup for the price.


In short, thank you for visiting our resource page and reading about our perspective on Buying a New String Instrument – Miami String’s Top 5 Tips. It is our hope that you found this content useful.

We hope you’ll visit us if you’re looking for a quality string shop in the Miami or South Florida area. At Miami String, we specialize in all string instruments including violin, viola, cello, and bass. Our shop offers student and professional rentals and repairs along with bow rehairs. If you’d like to visit us, please make an appointment directly online by visiting this link.

From all of us at Miami String – Musically Yours

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